Bring your ideas to life in Hanover, New Hampshire!

We’ve really come a long way since our first hackathon. After three iterations of HackDartmouth and our inaugural HackDay last spring, we’re more excited than ever to innovate this year!

This spring, HackDartmouth IV will again combine experiential learning with friendly competition. With company-sponsored workshops and the chance to develop and refine skills, we’re bringing hundreds of students from across the nation to learn, hack, and create for a weekend.

The day of the event features twenty-four hours of coding, swag, and amazing prizes! Mark your calendars for April 14-15, 2018!

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  • All hacks must be built at Dartmouth by registered and accepted participants.
  • Teams may include up to four members.


  • A valid submission is a hack produced at HackDartmouth from start to finish.
  • Submissions must be made to DevPost by 12:00 PM Sunday, April 15. Please include an accurate description and photo, screenshots, a video, or Powerpoint presentation of the hack.


Xia Zhou

Xia Zhou
Associate Professor of Computer Science

Charles Palmer

Charles Palmer
Adjunct Professor of Computer Science

Lorie Loeb

Lorie Loeb
Director of Digital Arts Program

Natalie Jung

Natalie Jung
DALI Design Resident

Michael Herron

Michael Herron
Chair of QSS Program

Sean Westwood

Sean Westwood
Assistant Professor of QSS

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
    How creative is their hack? Have you seen many ideas like this before or is this very unique?
  • Technical
    Is their hack technically challenging? Have their shown their skills well and shown how to effectively use technology to bring an idea to life?
  • Design
    How creative and engaging is the design of their hack?
  • Impact
    Is their hack going to impact people's lives positively? Are they helping a particular community?
  • Usage
    How easy to use and easy to understand is their hack?